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Gel Coat Labs One Step 64 oz. Bottle

Gel Coat Labs One Step 64 oz. Bottle

One-Step Micro-Polish & Sealant

Part Number : GCL-MOS64
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  • Boosted by Polycharger® for superior boat maintenance protection
  • Enhances and extends gloss, clarity & slickness
  • Leaves a mirror-bright shine that will not crack, fade, or yellow


Gel Coat Labs One-Step is formulated for vessels in need of a light boat polish, or to restore the boat gel coat after applying Gel Coat Labs Gel Coat Fine Cut Polish. An essential part of any boat detailing kit, this marine sealant contains our patented Polycharger® for durable, long-lasting protection. For additional sealant protection, apply Gel Coat Labs All Marine Sealant. For regular boat wash, use Gel Coat Labs Premium Gel Boat Wash which will not remove sealant protection. Before starting to polish and protect in a single step, make sure paint or gelcoat is clean.
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  • Shake well before using.
  • Make sure surface is clean and dry.
  • Apply a quarter-size amount of product to a dry microfiber applicator pad.
  • Using a circular motion, rub using medium pressure over a 2' to 3' square area.
  • Allow to dry to a haze.
  • Buff off residue with a clean, dry microfiber towel.
  • For best results, see application guide for machine application.
Note: Can be applied in direct sunlight. Not for underfoot surfaces.
  • Painted gelcoat surfaces
  • Non-painted gelcoat surfaces
  • Fiberglass surfaces
Product Weights(lbs) Product Height Product Width Product Depth Case Weight(lbs) Case Length Case Width Case Height
4.8 9” 5.25” 3.8” 20.2 11” 7.25” 9.875”



  1. Great product! Brings out that extra shine! Really helped me bring the depth back to my gel coat!

    Dan, RI

  2. This stuff is amazing!! I applied this product and was blown away. All of the small scratches disappeared, and the larger scratches were much improved. This product brought my dull paint back to showroom condition.

    A. Hammond, OK

  3. I use this polish on my boat when light oxidation or water spots show up. A fantastic all purpose polish + sealant. Easy to apply and wipes off streak free. Last around 2 months and gives a great shine.

    Mark M, AR

  4. I’d give it 6 stars if I could!

    Carlos, TX

  5. An amazing product, and easy to apply and remove. Had no issues with hazing, removed minor swirls on my boat, and the results were second to none. I would recommend to anyone trying return there boat back to showroom quality.

    Steve P., MS


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