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Gel Coat Labs Marine Glass Plastic & Vinyl Cleaner 32 oz. Bottle

Gel Coat Labs Marine Glass Plastic & Vinyl Cleaner 32 oz. Bottle

Dust, grime, bird droppings, bugs, smudges, haze, fingerprints and salt removal

Part Number : GCL-MGC32
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  • Quickly removes dust, grime, fingerprints, salts, droppings, smudges & haze
  • Safe for all glass, clear plastic & clear boat vinyl
  • Safe for tinted windows, acrylic windows, porthole windows & soft boat vinyl windows
  • Boosted by Polycharger®, our revolutionary marine cleaner compound


Gel Coat All Marine Glass, Plastic & Clear Vinyl Cleaner is a boat cleaner formulated specifically to quickly remove dust, grime, bird droppings, bug remains, smudges, haze, fingerprints and salt residues fromany glass, clear plastic, or clear boat vinyl surface. An essential part of your boat detailing kit, this all-in-one marine cleaner means: boat cleaning just got easier. As a final step, protect your boat’s surface for an entire season with: Additional boat detailing supplies available from Gel Coat Labs:
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  • Spray onto any glass, clear plastic or clear boat vinyl surface.
  • Wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth or terry towel.
  • Glass
  • Clear Plastic
  • Clear Boat Vinyl
Product Weights(lbs) Product Height Product Width Product Depth Case Weight(lbs) Case Length Case Width Case Height
2.4 11” 4.75” 3” 29.8 14” 11” 11”



  1. I used this product on my new to me boat’s vinyl cockpit windows which were very dirty and scratched. I thought I’d have to replace the windows but after cleaning them with the Gel Coat Labs, I’ll probably get another season or two out of them.

    Marvin G., OR.

  2. The plastic windshield on my center console boat was so hazy I had to look around it to see where I was going. It was so bad I called a local canvas shop to see about getting new curtains. I told him the problem and he recommended Gel Coat Labs All Marine Glass, Plastic & Vinyl Cleaner. Now the windows are clear and I can see! If you own a boat with plastic windshield this is a must have product. It’s saved me lots of money by not having to replace the curtains. It is worth the money.

    Pauli P. , NJ

  3. I have used lots of different products when it comes to plastic and vinyl cleaners. Paid way to much for the single bottles. Gel Coat Labs works as well as any of them and the price is right! I will definitely buy again.

    James C. , NH

  4. I bought this for the eisinglass panels on my 28-foot boat’s canvas/glass top, which we store on land every winter. The panels are exposed to salt water, sun, and smudgey hands for six months of the year. We clean them with Gel Coat Labs All Marine Glass, Plastic & Vinyl Cleaner before storing indoors. It cleans everything to a clear finish, and you don’t need a polish. You just buff with a dry cloth. Pretty easy. One bottle can last through several seasons since you only need to spray small amounts to get the right results.

    Wendy K., RI

  5. I’ve been using this product on my boat for a long time and the upholstery looks like new. People often comment that the boat looks new even though they know I have had it for many years.

    Mike H., AL


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