My boat gets rusted and stained all of the time. The weather and the water take a turn. Yellow Stain Remover I just spray and rinse and boom its done!

Zachary K

The instructions here are easy. You spray, sit, and rinse. The results are immediate! The yellow stains are gone and any light rust that may have built as well.


I use this cleaner on everything, and it is great for every surface. It protects after cleaning as well which for me is huge.

After rinsing to remove larger debris, I just spray the cleaner and use a soft brush. After another rinse and dry, my boat is protected and clean.

This is the wash I use for anything in my shop that needs to get scum and residue off of the surface. It doesn’t dissappoint since I switched to this product.

Washing the boat is a family activity. I grew up on a boat and I want to teach my kids the same. Now that they’re older, they help when we have to clean everything up, and this product makes it easy, effective, and shows them what a clean boat should look like.
I use this spray all of the time to get rid of all types of smells on my boat. Any mildew, or anything from our dog, is gone right after I spray.
Frannk F
You can’t even tell we had a gathering after I use this spray! The seafood smells are gone, which is great for when my parents come back and they hate seafood!